Result of Doping Control Takes Time So Long, Why?

Athletes, coaches, administrators and the medical team participated in education in Palembang. Source: IADO.

Palembang, October 31st, 2022

The city of Palembang hosted an anti-doping education by IADO with KONI held on October 31st, 2022, with 64 participants from various sports consisting of athletes, coaches, and administrators as well as the medical team. In this activity, a question was raised by the participants, “why do the doping test results take so long to come out?”

In order to respond to this question, the Chairman of IADO explained that currently Indonesia still does not have its own laboratory for doping, so the samples must be delivered abroad, which takes time.  Additionally, at that activity, the Head of the IADO Results Management Committee, Rizky Mediantoro added that the essence of doping sampling is part of the future of athletes, therefore, testing in the laboratory must be carried out carefully in accordance with the Code.

It would be ridiculous if the results were taken so quickly, but in fact it is false and already embarrasses someone. To conclude, there were many questions raised and based on the evaluation forms that IADO received, the participants said that they became more aware and received a lot of new information about doping.

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