Workshop on Whereabouts and Account Application of ADAMS for Canoe Athletes

Presentation from IADO on the essence of whereabouts and account activation of ADAMS to canoe athletes. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, December 7th, 2022

Whereabouts is a fundamental activity in collecting samples out of competition. IADO is very intensive to educate urgency of filling whereabouts on ADAMS and or application of Athlete Central, in particular for athlete included into Registered Testing Pool and Testing Pool of IADO.  On that occasion, the workshop of ADAMS activation was organized for canoe athletes from the National Rowing Federation on whereabouts coordinated by the Directorate of Testing of IADO. It was attended by 14 athletes on December 7th, 2022 at the Training Centre of Rowing in Jatiluhur, Purwakarta.

The workshop was opened by the moderator and then followed by other activities such as presentation on whereabouts, account activation of ADAMS, and how to fill whereabouts. The attending athletes successfully filled in their whereabouts on Q 4 of 2022 and Q 1 of 2023.  . The spirit of canoe athletes should be appreciated. Even though they had to attend the workshop at night after the day training, they seemed to be very enthusiastic. In addition, they raised lots of questions about their whereabouts.

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