Thousands of Participants Joined Anti-Doping Campaign at the 2023 National Student Sports Games (POPNAS) XVI in South Sumatra

One of the IADO’s activities at POPNAS in Palembang. Source: IADO.

Palembang, 5 September 2023

South Sumatra just hosted the National Student Sports Games (POPNAS) XVI in 2023. In collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, IADO implemented the Anti-Doping Campaign / Outreach activity program as a step to build awareness for young athletes and athlete support personnel (ASP) about anti-doping. Athletes participating in POPNAS had an average age of 15 – 18 years. Anti-Doping Campaign / Outreach activities at this year’s POPNAS, were carried out for 7 days from August 28th to September 3rd, 2023 by deploying 9 IADO’s personnel who were distributed at 10 venue points in the Jakabaring Sport Center (JSC) area, namely Wisma Atlet, Athletics Venue, Weightlifting Venue, Badminton Venue, Gymnastics Venue, Aquatic Venue, Tennis Venue, Shooting Venue, Bicycle Racing Venue and Sport Climbing Venue.

A total of 1,077 participants took part in that campaign with 834 Athletes and 243 ASPs. The outreach activities carried out at this student championship were expected to be information and the first step for participants, especially young athletes, to be able to prepare themselves for higher competitions where the competition has the possibility of doping sampling so that athletes do not need to worry or fear.

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