Courtesy Call of IADO to LPSK (Indonesia Witness and Victim Protection Agency)

Director of Intelligence and Investigation of IADO provided a souvenir to LPSK. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 27 September 2023

IADO continues to improve its performance in efforts to monitor any doping violations to create clean sport, play true and play safe. In this regard, the IADO Intelligence and Investigation Directorate has a specific portal (part if the portal of IADO) to provide an opportunity for anyone, including athletes, athlete support personnel and the sports community, to provide input/reports if they see, hear anything wrong directly or indirectly related to incidents of doping violations (ADRV) in accordance with World Anti-Doping Code, in particular on Article 2 of point 1 and 2 as well as point 11. The related- portal is known as SpeakUp, in which any party having serious courage to report or to be whistleblowers will receive protection and will be kept confidential to ensure that the protection. Such protection will be based on the planned work program which has been established by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation after being received by Mr. Fahrul Haqiqi (Head of Public Relations and Cooperation of LPSK / Indonesia Witness and Victim Protection Agency) on September 27th, 2023. During the meeting, IADO and LPSK delegations discussed various aspects related to whistleblower protection in the context of anti-doping rule violations.

Both sides discussed mechanisms that could be implemented to protect whistleblowers who report violations of anti- doping rules. LPSK emphasized the importance of consultation in developing that mechanism to ensure compliance with applicable criminal law. LPSK explained its main role in the realm of criminal justice and how LPSK focuses on protecting witnesses, justice collaborators and victims in the context of criminal cases. IADO and LPSK agreed that whistleblower protection must start from the beginning of the investigation process. That process is to ensure that whistleblowers get the protection they need early on. The discussion emphasized that those protected in that context are witnesses, whistleblowers, justice collaborators and victims in accordance with the law on witness and victim protection. While the reporter or whistleblower will receive protection in accordance with applicable law, it is also emphasized that the difference between the reporter and justice collaborator will be reflected in the relevant criminal law. It is important to understand the role of each entity in the legal process, so that it is agreed that both IADO staff and whistleblowers will be protected if in the future there are criminal threats related to reporting or cooperating in investigations of anti- doping rule violations. In the context of the cooperation being explored, IADO can request protection from LPSK if there is a potential criminal case related to their work in preventing violations of anti-doping rules. LPSK stated that the ideal SpeakUp mechanism is one that can maintain the confidentiality of the reporter’s identity. That is one of the focuses of IADO’s efforts to protect whistleblowers.

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