Preparation of PBSI for the 2024 Paris Olympics through Anti-Doping Education

Enthusiasme of athletes and coaches to attend an anti-doping education. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 15 February 2024

Anti-doping education in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympics has started again. This time for badminton, which was sheltered by the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI), constituted the sport program receiving an education after gymnastics. Some athletes have been confirmed to qualify based on world rankings so that for more mature preparation both physically, mentally and strengthening other supporting information, there should be an important thing to know more detailed relating doping. On that occasion, the Director of Education, Natashya Marcellina Ardiany came directly to the PBSI National Training Center (Pelatnas) to provide special anti-doping education during the upcoming Olympics.

Then Natashya said that the doping rules during this year’s Olympics will be stricter so that athletes and coaches and other athlete companions must have detailed information and understand the important points of the doping rules that apply during the Paris 2024 Olympics. The athletes, coaches and PBSI’s medical team who attended that activity were given more understanding of the important points about doping regulations that will apply at the time of the Olympics, as well as reminding important points such as filling in Athlete Whereabouts Information through the Athlete Central Application from WADA and to make it easier for athletes to get special Olympic anti-doping education, athletes and coaches were directed to run the ADEL for Paris 2024 Olympic course.

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