Premier Publication of IADO

Collection of online media publishing the readiness of IADO for ASEAN Para Games. Source: Various Online Medias.

Solo, July 27th, 2022

Since WADA lifted the suspension to IADO (previously LADI) on February 2nd,  2022, there was no more news regarding with IADO, except on the beginning of May 2022 when the Chairman of NOC of Indonesia told the media that IADO was in the danger situation due to the current evaluation of WADA. Fortunately, IADO then fulfilled the obligation.

Taken into account IADO needed to publish itself in order that the public should know activities of IADO, so on July 27th, 2022 IADO issued the premier press release, which coincided with the raising issues of the days prior the 2022 ASEAN Para Games in Surakarta.  It did not take long after the release was shared to various media without any physical press conference at the media center of the 2022 ASEAN Para Games, there were lots of media publishing IADO’s activities for ASEAN Para Games.

Since then, there have been common awareness among the media that IADO has been doing lots activities, which did not only relate to the preparation for ASEAN Para Games, but IADO had also implemented doping control’s activities to various sports international and national events organized in Indonesia and overseas.

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