Series of Education Activities of Anti-Doping in Surabaya

Education activity of anti-doping in Surabaya. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, September 6th, 2022

Dear Sir, I need your advice on my daily habit of drinking coffee with strong caffeine and whether to be categorized as doping?  Is that correct that consuming a milk product X is good for removing the doping ingredients from the body? How about if any athlete is too late to submit any TUE application?” These are examples of lots of raised questions on the anti-doping education activity in Surabaya on September 6th, 2022. The activity was the same one organized previously in Jakarta and Bandung, organized by IADO in cooperation with KONI. This one was attended by approximately 60 people, which consists of athletes, coaches, and medical persons.

Based on the evaluation by IADO, there seemed to be similar questions and concerns from one city to another cities. However, IADO used to be challenged to create better and more interesting contents of presentation in order to minimize any boring circumstance. Furthermore, IADO was also requested by a few participants to collect the Q & A, enabling those who could not join the education activity to still have chances to learn more from the website of IADO. Accordingly, digitalized info would be beneficial for the public too.

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