Series of Education Activities of Anti-Doping in Samarinda

A familiar atmosphere among the participants with the speakers prior to the anti-doping education in Samarinda. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, October 7th, 2022

“How’s the testing procedure in IADO now?” This question was raised during the anti-doping education activity in Samarinda on October 7th, 2022. Regarding that question, dr. Eka Wulan Sari as Secretary-General of IADO answered with confidence that the testing procedure in IADO is professional due to the level of quality of the DCO (Doping Control Officer) from IADO.

Some DCOs have an international license and being well-experienced both for national and international events. Thus, this education activity was the same as in other cities, organized by IADO in cooperation with KONI. This education activity was attended by approximately 60 participants consisting of athletes, coaches, administrators, and doctors.

Based on the evaluation by IADO, there seemed to be similar questions and concerns from one city to others city, such as “is coffee part of doping?”. Uniquely, many comments were also received that the time of the session could be extended​. Therefore, IADO used to be challenged to develop more suitable and more engaging content for presentations in order to minimize any tiresome circumstances.

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