First Seminar of Intelligence and Investigations in 2022

Secretary General of IADO with representittaive from 20 sport discipline in Inteligence  and Investigation Seminar. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, October 12th,  2022

Many athletes and officials do not know and understand about “What is the role of the IADO Intelligence and Investigation Division in anti-doping surveillance in Indonesia?”. This has become a passion for IADO in providing information and education to athletes and officials, in the Investigation and Intelligence seminar with the theme “The Role of IADO Intelligence and Investigation in securing athletes from the threat of anti-doping rule violations” on October 11, 2022 at the Kuretakeso Hotel Jakarta.

This seminar presented various materials on the role and importance of IADO Intelligence and Investigations in the implementation of anti-doping education activities, supervision of the implementation of testing and data collection of whereabouts ADAMS and implementation of Result Management activities.

This seminar presented former rowing athlete, Mrs. Indriliyanti as a speaker in a talk show about the dangers of doping and sharing about her experience of being exposed to doping cases. This is intended to build awareness and knowledge to athletes and officials regarding the dangers of doping and the courage to speak up to refuse the use of doping. This seminar was attended by 20 representatives of Sports disciplines from 21 Sports disciplines who were invited.

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