Workshop and Evaluation on Performance of Sample Collection Personnel of IADO

Evaluation on performance of Samples Collection Personnel of IADO. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, December 23rd,  2022

At the same time but in a different location than the organization of RM, IADO conducted a Workshop on Performance of Sample Collection Personnel (SCP) in 2022. That activity was very important to evaluate their 2022 performance and to anticipate their 2023 activities. IADO focused on the frame work of similar perception in particular to back up their performance both for ICT and or OOCT on 2023. The 3 days activity (December 21st to 23rd, 2022) was followed by 31 SCPs, consisting of 27 DCOs and 4 BCOs.

There were various presentations provided by high-ranking officials of IADO from matters of ADEL, ADAMS, TDP, Assignment Preceding of SCP, Mission Order, Request Flow of Logistics, and others. All SCPs had the opportunity to get lots of clarification on their proper salary, because it enabled IADO to be transparent to explain them. At the end, all SCPs signed the contractual agreement stating their rights and obligations on their assignment, and then distributed the licenses for those who passed the previous re-accreditation and accreditation. Those were the ways for IADO to enhance SCP performance.

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