One Year After Sanction Against the Indonesia Anti-Doping Agency Was Revoked By WADA

Jakarta, February 3rd, 2023

  1. This Annual Report is supported with a preface by the Minister of Youth and Sports on his position not to interfere in matters of IADO. On the contrary, it is a manifestation of his commitment and government support in order that IADO to always obeys all regulations determined by the World Anti-Doping Code.
  2. List of persons occupying position on Board of Advisers, Board of Executives as well as TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption) Committee and RM (Result Management) Committee. For an information, Board of Executives consists of 1 Chairman, 1 Secretary General, 2 Heads of Bureau and 3 Directors. In addition, they are supported by 14 staff personnel.
  3. Vision, mission, strategies and milestone program of IADO to 2032.
  4. Percentage of IADO activities based its unit.
  5. The number of products of Standard Operating Procedure from September 2022, namely 22 SOPs.
  6. IADO already translated in English of the Law of No. 11 of 2022 on Sports and the Articles of Association of IADO. Furthermore, IADO established the Bylaw of IADO (it was then translated in English), and translated in Indonesian of the IADO Anti-Doping Rule.   In addition, IADO established the Regulation of IADO Chairman on Organization and Work Mechanism of IADO (it was also then translated in English).
  7. Compliance of IADO to consult and complete its administrative matters to Notary Office and Ministry of Law and Human Rights on case of IADO used to replace its high-ranking officials. These should be done because these refer to its Articles of Association and Bylaws.
  8. The parties which are already engaged to have MoU with IADO are as follow:  KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia), NOC of Indonesia, NPC of Indonesia, PSSI (Football Association of Indonesia), PASI (Athletics Federation of Indonesia), PABSI (Indonesian Weightlifting Federation), FPTI (Indonesian Climbing Federation), PERBASI (Indonesian Basketball Association), WI (Indonesia Wushu Federation), and PRUI (Indonesian Rugby Union). 
  9. IADO has signed an agreement with 31 Sample Collection Personnel (DCO and BCO). Based on the agreement it is clear mentioned on articles regulating their right, obligation, and on the contrary prohibition to do by DCO nor BCO.
  10. Chairman of IADO has signed so-called integrity pact / agreement with all high-ranking officials and staffs of IADO.
  11. It is reported to have significant increase of visitors to website of IADO.ID on the last 3 months, in particular since the National Anti-Doping Seminar organized on November 30th, 2022. That increase included foreign visitors by mentioning their original country.
  12. IADO reports the whole financial support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports was nearly Rp 18,161,577,728, in which its budget absorption rated up to 98%.
  13. Detailed financial spending consists of: 29% for Testing, 28,44% for Education; 27,56% for Office Expense; 14 ,56% for Secretariat; and 0,44% for Intelligent and Investigation.  
  14. 50.77% of sample collections were from ICT (In Competition Testing) and 49.23% of sample collections were from OOCT (Out of Competition Testing).
  15. There were 24 National Sport Federations in which their athletes were collected of their samples.
  16. It also reports the number of samples collected from various international sport events.
  17. Composition of the number of DCO and BCO living in various regional area is available.
  18. Education activities conducted from August to December of 2022 are described by comparing 89% on face-to-face activities and 11% on virtual activities.
  19. The number of personnel who attended anti-doping education was 2,345 persons, consisting of athletes (mostly), coaches, coach assistants, medical teams, and those from the sports organizations.
  20. IADO created a new directorate of Directorate on Intelligence and Investigation, whose duties are very specific, to ensure not only as to monitor and listen for the interest of IADO, but it has also duties to conduct any investigation.
  21. IADO has an Ad-Hoc Committee. They are TUE Committee and RM Committee, in which both are independent on their own position and decision. TUE Committee conducted a few education activities in 2022. In addition, that committee received 2 applications: one was approved, whereas another one was rejected (it was caused by availability of prohibited substance).
  22. During 2022 there was actually no indication of athletes using doping. RM Committee however was busy with few activities of organizing hearing and appeal sessions for those suspected to use prohibited substances on the 2021 National Sports Games and the 2021 National Paralympic Games in Papua.
  23. During 2022 IADO organized the following various meetings which are classified as: meetings between LADI / IADO with the Minister of Youth and Sports; meetings between IADO with Notary Offices, internal IADO meetings, virtual meetings between IADO with SEARADO and WADA; participations of IADO on WADA international forums; direct meetings between IADO with WADA and SEARADO; and direct meetings between WADA and SEARADO with the Minister of Youth and Sports.
  24. IADO used to be very occupied with having and or attending various activities. Some of them occurred at similar times.
  25. Organization of the 2022 National Anti-Doping Seminar on November 30th, 2022 in Jakarta.
  26. The report also provides examples of agreement between IADO with DCO, and MoU between IADO and NOC.

Jakarta, February 3rd, 2023.

Chairman of IADO
Gatot S. Dewa Broto

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