IADO Outreach Booth Participates in the 2023 KONI National Conference

IADO outreach booth at National Conference of KONI. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, March 13rd, 2023

KONI (National Sports Committe of Indonesia) held a National Conference on March 12th to 13rd, 2023 at the Sultan Hotel, Jakarta. That activity was a routine one of KONI conducted every year and attended by all members of KONI across the country and all national federations. On that occasion, IADO took part in filling out the outreach booth by providing anti-doping education through WADA’s Play True Quiz and give out merchandise from IADO. That also attracted the attention of lots of meeting participants. It is hoped that it will raise awareness and information about anti-doping, including for athlete support personnel in order to achieve clean sport and play true.

It was the second time IADO set up a booth providing anti-doping education. The previous one was conducted by IADO on September 12th, 2022 at the same hotel when KONI held another National Working Conference and National Extra Ordinary Conference. By setting up such booth, IADO intended to provide more information to all national sports stakeholders in Indonesia on how important anti-doping information should be well understood by all athletes and athlete support personnel. Based on the successful previous participation, IADO was very anxious to take part in the next conference. IADO has the principle that it should work harder and use all potencies to ensure that there should be more athletes who should be more aware to anti-doping regulation.

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