Socialization of SpeakUp! 2023 and Personal Information Protection Guidelines in PORLASI

The activities of PORLASI’s athletes during SpeakUp socialization and filling in personal data of athletes by the Directorate of Investigation and Intelligence.
Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 22 July 2023

Referring to the rules mandated by the Code and the International Standard Protection of Privacy and Personal Information as well as the results of the WADA audit on April 2023, IADO continued improving its performance and existence in disseminating the importance of knowledge about anti-doping and monitoring of potential doping violations, especially to athletes, ASPs and the wider community. One of them was an activity to socialize the IADO Speak Up platform and Protection of Personal Information.
IADO’s current agenda was to visit PORLASI (Indonesia Sailing Federation) which is located at the Marina Beach Complex, Ancol, North Jakarta, on July 22nd, 2023 through the agenda “Collection of Athletes’ Personal Data and Socialization of Speak Up.” Accordingly, it is hoped that that activity could increase the knowledge of Athletes and ASPs of PORLASI on Anti-Doping to support improving sporting achievements both on a national and international scale. That activity was a form of IADO’s effort to maintain sports in Indonesia in creating fair play and clean sport.

The activity organized by Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation of IADO was actually a continuation of the previous activities conducted on July 11th to 13th, 2023 at NOC’s office of Jakarta. Based on the evaluation, that directorate was strongly recommended to be more active to visit certain NFs, whose purpose is to encourage related sports stakeholders to have better understanding on SpeakUp and Personal Information Protection.

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