Continuation of Personal Information Collection and Speak Up Socialization for Bridge Athletes and its ASP

Photo session of Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation of IADO and national bridge athletes and their team after the session. Source: IADO.

Bogor, 11 August 2023

The IADO Intelligence and Investigation Directorate is motivated to return to continue the athlete’s personal data collection program and socialization of the IADO Speak Up platform to the national sports bridge training center. On the 11st of August 2023, the IADO Intelligence & Investigation Directorate team had the honor to meet some athletes and their officials from the Indonesia Bridge Association (GABSI / National Federation) at the Kinasih Hotel, Caringi, Bogor to continue the program of collecting athletes’ personal information and socializing the IADO SpeakUp! by bringing the inspiration of equality in sports (Fair Play).

The arrival of the IADO team was warmly welcomed by Mr. Very Pangkerego, as the Head of Achievement Division of GABSI accompanied by all the athletes and their officials. The athletes, coaches and their officials demonstrate great enthusiasm and dedication. The support of GABSI enabled the IADO team to be even more excited, because coincidentally the athletes are being prepared for the upcoming national and international events.

During the activity, the IADO team also conducted discussions and sharing sessions related to anti-doping activities and programs. Many things were discussed including the prohibited list issued periodically every year by WADA. The GABSI official is concerned about supplements that may or may not be used during sports competitions in which bridge does not really require muscle strength or speed, but rather requires strong concentration and memory.

The visit of the IADO team was highly appreciated by their officials, bearing in mind that the athletes are preparing to welcome upcoming tournaments and competitive events, such as the international try-out in South Korea in the first week of September 2023 and the Asian Games which will take place in Hangzhou, China. at the end of September – October 2023. This visit was attended by 14 bridge athletes, 2 coaches, 1 federation administrator and 3 officials.

According to the Director of Intelligence and Investigation of IADO Mr. Suharyanto, the visit to the training center of bridge is a manifestation and a concrete step from IADO to campaign for the anti-doping movement in order to any advanced national sports achievements by bringing the spirit of Play True, Play Safe and Fair Play, and promote anti-doping to the community and all stakeholders. Furthermore, he said that in the future, the related directorate will still carry out activities to collect athlete personal data and socialize the IADO Speak Up platform to several other sports, both Olympic and non-Olympic sport programs so it is hoped that the results of the athlete’s personal data collection can support the Directorate of Testing in determining the TDP (Test Distribution Plan) based on a valid and comprehensive assessment.

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