Intensification on Awareness of Whereabouts Importance to Rowing and Canoe Athletes

IADO Team with athletes of PODSI attending whereabouts education. Source: IADO.

Pangalengan and Jatiluhur, 1 September 2023

IADO collaborated with PODSI (Indonesia Rowing and Canoe Federation) in providing anti-doping education to rowing and canoeing athletes. These activities were conducted on August 31st and September 1st, 2023 at the PODSI Dormitory Pangalengan and Jatiluhur, West Java. Those were attended by 23 athletes in Pangalengan and 40 athletes in Jatiluhur. In addition to athletes, coaches and doctors of rowing and canoeing were also presented at the activity.
Given the large number of athletes of PODSI who are included in the IADO Registered Testing Pool (RTP) list, it is mandatory for these athletes to always fill their Whereabouts in ADAMS. The series of activities began with a general presentation related to anti-doping education, then continued with a specific topic, which was Whereabouts. 
Failure in filing Whereabouts for Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes is one of the 11 Anti-Doping Rule Violations that athletes may miss, because it is not related to the use of prohibited substances, even though failure to filing their Whereabouts also has real consequences.
Education should always come first over testing. IADO is committed to continue its active education to any Indonesian athletes so that awareness and the culture of compliance, responsibility, and prioritizing fair and clean sport will increase.

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