Collaboration of IADO and ISSI on the National Event in South Sumatera

National Pre-Qualification of Cycling for PON in South Sumatera. Source: IADO.

Lubuklinggau, 27 August 2023

IADO got an opportunity to be involved in the National Cycling Championship and Pre-Qualification for the 2024 National Sports Games (PON), held in Lubuklinggau of South Sumatera on August 23rd to 27th, 2023. That championship was held to select the best cycling athletes in each province for the next 21st PON in North Sumatera and Aceh of 2024. On those activities, IADO participated as a Testing Authority (TA) and assigned 4 Doping Control Officers (DCO) and 4 Chaperone officers to take part in the prestigious event in accordance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation (ISTI) and also the sample collection process related to the rights and obligations of athletes.
At that national championship event, DCO and IADO Chaperone completed the sample collection task properly and in accordance with the Testing Order provided by IADO. Excellent coordination between the Indonesia Cycling Federation (ISSI) and the local management of ISSI in the city of Lubuklinggau as well as the organizing committee team with IADO had been shown. All technical needs required by the IADO team at each venue and coordination of match results could be done quickly and accurately.   So that the implementation of doping tests on athletes took place very well and successfully until the completion of the event. It is hoped that the collaboration between PB ISSI and IADO can be carried out continuously both during the competition (in competition) and outside the competition (out of competition). Accordingly, the credibility of cycling athletes in Indonesia can be properly accounted for.

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