Occasion of Intensive Communication between IADO and ISSI

Intensive Communication of the anti-doping socialization to the cycling athletes and coaches. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 22 November 2023

During the emotional spirit of heroism on the month of November and after successfully holding the IADO Speak Up Seminar, whose theme was “Speak Up as a means of producing Anti-Doping Heroes”, the IADO Intelligence and Investigation Directorate on November 22nd, 2023 collected again personal data on athletes at ISSI (Indonesia Cycling Federation), which is one of the Indonesian national federations which used to be very often productive in providing medals. The activity took place at Welspro Sports Clinic and Performance, Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu, Pancoran, South Jakarta. The IADO Team was welcomed by Dr. Faizal Muda and dr. Dika from ISSI as well as their coaches and athletes. That visit felt special because of the enthusiasm of the athletes and ASP who coincidentally will soon be taking part in the Japan Cup Cycle Road Race in Japan. That event was a warming up” event prior to the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.

ISSI felt that it is necessary to increase more awareness on Anti-Doping, so that the presence of the IADO team was not only to obtain athletes’ personal data and socialize the IAD Speakup platform, but the team had also an opportunity to familiarize athletes with IADO.

The activity was attended by 6 athletes, 2 ASPs and 2 Medical Teams which ran smoothly and was dominated by full of enthusiasm, reflected by the enthusiasm of the athletes who asked several questions and shared experiences related to Anti-Doping supervision by RTP Cycling athletes. Ms. Wiji Lestari provided motivation to her fellow athletes. That opportunity was very important, because professional athletes are required to have/obtain ADEL or certificates and good knowledge (well educated) on Anti-Doping.

In the future, the IADO Intelligence and Investigation Team will continue to carry out activities to collect athletes’ personal data and socialize the IADO Speak Up platform to several national federation both Olympic Sport Program and non-Olympic Sport Program. Accordingly, it is hoped that the results of collecting athletes’ personal data can support the Testing Directorate in determining the TDP (Test Distribution Plan) which is more proportional and valid according to the assessment carried out. On the other hand, the activity was also a form of communication to establish and increase familiarity between IADO and all stakeholders including national federations especially in joint efforts to monitor doping abuse in the world of national and international federations.

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