IADO Anti-Doping Campaign Booth at the 2023 Archery National Championship

IADO’s educator provided information at the IADO Booth during the Archery National Championship. Source: IADO.

Bogor, 24 November 2023

The Archery National Championship held on November 18th to 27th, 2023 has presented IADO as an anti-doping promoter by conducting an anti-doping campaign which was held for 2 days on November 23th to 24th, 2023. Participants who came to the campaign booth came from various regions such as DKI, West Java, Papua, Maluku, and various other regions.

Anti-doping campaign officers surveyed participants regarding interesting views that participants learned from the Anti-Doping Campaign. Accordingly, athletes and athlete support personnel would be more aware about anti-doping and become more introspective about the dangers of doping among others psychological losses due to being ostracized and considered as a fake champion, ended careers as athletes, and damaged relationships with fellow athletes. Questions often arises during anti-doping campaigns were related to drug and supplement brands, which IADO could not mention brands, but participants were encouraged to directly consult with doctors regarding drugs that athletes can take referring to the Prohibited List, which is a book that lists prohibited substances that athletes may not take, except with the advice of a doctor and TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemption). In addition to receiving basic anti-doping education, athletes and athlete support personnel had the opportunity to get prizes such as hats, bags, water bottles, and t-shirts. Based on the survey, overall, 71.1% of visitors to the Anti-Doping Campaign booth were very satisfied with this activity.

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