54 MoUs Have Been Achieved by IADO

Both Chairmen of FTI and IADO signed the MoU in the front of the Chairman of KONI. Source: FTI.

Jakarta, 27 November 2023

For the purpose of working hard to accelerate the number of National Federations and generally National Sports Committees to engage as soon as possible with IADO through the signing of MoU, there was an official signing of the MoU between the Charmain of IADO and Charmain of the Indonesia Triathlon Federation, conducted on November 27th, 2023, witnessed directly by the Chairman of KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) Lieutenant General (Retired) Mr. Marciano Norman at the headquarter of KONI in Jakarta. Coincidently, the signing of the MoU occurred after the Chairman of KONI officially inaugurated the Board of Directors of FTI for its period of 2023 – 2027, in which the Chairman of FTI Mr. Armand van Kempen, replaced Lieutenant General (Retired) Joko Warsito, who also attended the ceremony of the inauguration.

Due to such signing, IADO has obtained 54 National Federations plus 3 National Sports Committee (NPC of Indonesia, NPC of Indonesia and KONI) on November 27th, 2023, so that totally there have been 67 MoUs obtained by IADO. It is fully recognized that it is not easy to accelerate the signing of MoU. Until the month of April 2023, the number of National Federations having MoU with IADO was only 11 entities, while with National Sports Committees was 3 entities. Since then, IADO has tried to work hard to get the maximal number, because otherwise IADO would be regarded to perform poorly on the perception of WADA, even though principally all of National Federations and National Sports Committees in Indonesia have fully supported any IADO activities. According to WADA, indicators of their support commitments is mandatory to be shown by getting the maximum number of entities engaging with IADO through the signing of MoU.

IADO seriously wishes the new Board of Directors of FTI could maintain their commitment to realize zero doping, because IADO has so far, no difficulty in cooperation with FTI, and in particular there is no case of doping conducted by FTI’s athlete. As one of the sports programs which will be competed on the Olympic Games, including Paris Olympic Games on 2024, it means that its global existence plays an important role as other sports program of Olympic Games. Accordingly, public obviously has the wishing that FTI could enhance its performance provided that without any doping violation.

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