Participant’s High Enthusiasm to Participate on the Outreach of Anti-Doping

Views of anti-doping outreach for rowing communities. Source: IADO.

Karawang, 30 November 2023

The Anti-Doping Campaign was carried out again, this time at Situ Cipule, Karawang. A total of 83 participants concisting of athletes, coaches, managers, and officials participated in the anti-doping campaign activities. The activity began in the morning and immediately received great attention from athletes, and ASP (Athlete Support Personnel) until a long queue occurred at the Anti-Doping booth, but the participants kept their eagerness to continue participating in that activity, and orderly queued to wait for their turn to play while learning with anti-doping campaign officers.

Athletes and ASPs from various regions came to the booth wearing uniforms from their respective regions. The most visitors came from Maluku and East Java. Athletes played anti-doping wheels, where athletes were asked to spin the wheels and when the wheels stopped so that athletes were asked to answer questions related to anti-doping according to the number listed on the wheel, and some played WADA Playtrue Quiz, which is a quiz made by WADA about anti-doping. After playing athletes were asked to fill out a survey and draw prizes. Athletes were also welcomed to ask questions related to anti-doping, in which some questions often asked by athletes were among others: what brands of drugs are included in doping. For answering it, the officer asked directly athletes to check the IADO website and downloaded a document called “The Prohibited List” which is in the document listed hundreds of substances that are prohibited in sports. In addition, officers strongly encouraged athletes to consult to medical personnel regarding what drugs and supplements athletes can use, referring to The Prohibited List document.

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