Personal Athlete Data Collection on the 2023 Rowing National Championship

Director of Intelligence and Investigation of IADO and his team at the 2023 National Rowing Championship. Source: IADO.

Karawang, 30 November 2023

As one of the preparations of PON (National Sports Games) XXI in Aceh and North Sumatra on 2024, the rowing national federation conducted the rowing national championship on November 30th, 2023. On that event, Director of Intelligence & Investigation of IADO attended and participated in efforts to collect personal information on athletes at the event as the rowing pre-qualification of PON, managed by PODSI (Indonesian Rowing Sports Association). That activity was held in order to obtain personal information from rowing athletes and to campaign on anti-doping awareness for athletes and ASP.

Director of Intelligent and Investigation and his team utilized the moment to collect athletes’ personal data. PODSI, which actively supports the anti-doping agenda, welcomed the presence of the IADO team by providing the necessary access and facilities for information collection, as well as generating confidence that collaboration between relevant parties can increase transparency and compliance with anti-doping regulations.

In such a dynamic and competitive environment, IADO’s efforts were not only limited to the collection of personal information, but also involved raising athletes’ awareness on the issue of doping in sport. Dir. I&I IADO provides socialization and information on the importance of anti-doping awareness.

That activity was not just a collection of athletes’ personal information, but it was also a strategic step in building strong networks and relationships between IADO and PODSI to realize a common vision in maintaining the integrity of national sports. That moment was also a forum for athletes and ASP (Athlete Support Personnel) to share experiences, and gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of doping violations in sports.

The visit to such an event was a part of the IADO Intelligence & Investigation Directorate’s growing efforts to collect data, build anti-doping awareness, and strengthen cooperation with PODSI to realize clean, healthy and fair sports. That momentum was expected to be an important foundation in efforts to ensure the integrity of Indonesian sports at the highest level. It was hoped that through cooperation and sustainability of these steps, the integrity of national sports could be maintained and become an inspiration for future generations.

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