SpeakUp and Data Collection on Athletes of ISSI

Team of IADO with ISSI’s athletes and ASPs. Source: IADO.

Yogyakarta, 15 Desember 2023

At the end of 2023, the IADO’s Intelligence & Investigations Directorate carried out its final task of conducting significant routine activities in an effort to collect athletes’
personal information, from athletes of ISSI (Cycling / Indonesia Cycling Federation).
That activity was conducted on December 15th, 2023, at the Savita Garden Inn Hotel, Yogyakarta, because that hotel is the accommodation of their training center. Such occasion provided a valuable opportunity for athletes as the athletes’ preparation period for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France. Representatives from ISSI,
represented by Coach Dadang and Coach Projo warmly welcomed the IADO team on the sidelines of their busy schedule. The event was attended by 6 Athletes
and 2 ASPs (Coaches), who participated in the SpeakUp! ISSI representatives emphasized the importance of anti-doping awareness during that visit. In addition to collecting athlete data, the IADO team also sought to introduce the IADO SpeakUp! platform to athletes as a proactive measure. The momentum attended by RTP professional athletes was very important, because they were required to have a deep understanding of anti-doping.

The related – event marked the end of a series of follow-up activities planned by IADO’s Intelligence & Investigations Directorate in the 2023 program. Meanwhile, the cycling national training participants are planned to continue their Olympic selection
activities to several countries in order to rank internationally. IADO Team activities for other sports, both Olympian and Non- Olympian related, are still programmed in 2024. This one should be done to support the preparation of a more accurate,
proportional and sustainable Test Distribution Plan (TDP), in accordance with developments in the field. Instead of gathering information, that activity also aims to strengthen communication and collaboration between IADO and sports and various related parties in the world of sports. The involvement of various national federations is expected to strengthen the supervision and prevention of doping abuse,
both nationally and internationally for the realization of Play True and Clean Sport.

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