IADO’s New Membership at iNADO

Photo session of Director of Testing of IADO and his staff with CEO iNADO. Source: IADO.

Lausanne, 14 March 2024

In addition to its participation at the WADA Annual Symposium, IADO (represented by Director of Testing Mrs. Linda Rosalina and Staff of Testing Directorate Dr. Pande Putu Agus Mahendra) took part in the iNADO Annual General Assembly and Workshop which also took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, whose theme was “Diversity in Anti-Doping Practice”. IADO’s presence was greatly appreciated by the CEO of iNADO, Mr. Jorge Leyva. That activity was attended by 58 member countries of iNADO and invitees with a total of approximately 200 participants. As a new member of iNADO, IADO would have easy access to databases related to research-based base practices and technical solutions in the world of anti-doping and get easy funding to conduct research with material that is trending and up to date in the world of anti-doping. IADO also gets access links to communicate and partner with NADOs and RADOs from other countries as well as other stakeholders who support anti-doping activities.

iNADO used to also play a role in helping any member of iNADO in preparing and collaborating with various relevant stakeholders for the implementation of multi-sporting events such as the Asian Games and the Olympic Games. Currently iNADO is assisting NADO France in preparing for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, especially in areas related to the doping sample collection process, with a total sample size of 9,000 doping tests for the 2024 Paris Olympics and 3,000 doping tests for the Paris Paralympic Games. 2024.

Compared to activities held by WADA such as the WADA Annual Symposium, that iNADO activity was somewhat different (although it remains completely in line with the activity and is still within the framework of WADA’s objective domain and cannot possibly be contradicted), because it allows participants to obtain quite a lot of information from various speakers in more detailed and technical terms which are generally presented based on a number of certain major cases and how to resolve them along with the supporting capacity of technological developments. Meanwhile, WADA is more on the governing policy and regulations side.

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