FPTI towards the 2024 Paris Olympics

Director of Education shared its presentation to the related athletes and their coaches of FPTI. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 26 March 2024

For the purpose of providing Anti-Doping Education in preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympics, IADO throught its Directorate of Education continued to remind athletes and Athlete Support Personnel to be aware of the ADEL Course which was coicidently organized at the moment prior the Paris 2024 Olympic. In that activity, the Directorate of Education collaborating with the Indonesian Sport Climbing Federation conducted an activity whose objective is to increase awareness regarding important dates such as the date of entry into force of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) anti-doping regulations and the start of sampling (April 18, 2024), the date of the start of the Pre-Games period (April 18 – July 17, 2024), the Opening of the Olympic Village (July 18, 2024), and the Games Period which sample collection of ICT (In-Competition Testing) may occur on July 18th to – August 11th, 2024. In addition, athletes were also introduced to the IOC as the Major Event Organizer (MEO) and the IOC’s authority to appoint the Testing Authority or the authorized party in conducting sampling.

In the Olympic period the Testing Authority appointed by the IOC is the International Testing Agency (ITA). Then the athletes, coaches and FPTI medical team who attended that activity were given more understanding of the Athlete’s whereabouts (Whereabouts Information) through the Athlete Central Application from WADA and to make it easier for athletes to get special Olympic anti-doping education, athletes and coaches were directed to run the ADEL for Paris 2024 Olympic course.

At the end of the session athletes were asked to do a Quiz so that IADO knew the extent to which athletes understood the exposure previously delivered. The results showed that the average score obtained by athletes is 87.78 which means that athletes understand the education delivered by IADO.

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