Reaccreditation of DCOs of IADO with SEARADO

DCOs taking part on the reaccreditation by SEARADO. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 24 May 2024

On May 24th, 2024, IADO in collaboration with SEARADO (South East Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization) held an Activity of Reaccreditation for all of senior DCOs of IADO (Doping Control Officers). The activity took place in the meeting room of the Indonesian NOC and was attended by 18 DCOs from all over Indonesia (although most of them lived in Jabodetabek) by presenting 2 resource persons / instructors / assessors from SEARADO (Mrs. Nazhima Begum and Mrs. Irene Tan).

That reaccreditation activity was the second time for them to participate. The first took place on May 24th and 25th, 2022 and was attended by 21 DCOs in which there were 2 DCOs finally resigned due to their own activities. At the time of the first reaccreditation, those who acted as resource persons/instructors/assessors were also from SEARADO (Mrs. Nazima Begum and Mrs. Irene Tan). Compared to the first reaccreditation, of course the second reaccreditation was much more difficult, because they had to resolve a number of cases regarding problems with sample collections in the field.

However, even though the participants who were accredited in May 2024 were generally stressed, they imagined that the exam material would be tougher than the first. However, as the activity progressed, the participants really enjoyed the reaccreditation activity even though it was actually more difficult. That was possible because communication between the two trainers and all participants took place smoothly. In the end, the activity, which was opened in the morning and closed in the evening by the Chairman of IADO, showed that all participants had passed.

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