Advanced Knowledge Sharing of Anti-Doping for ISSI Management

Photo gathering of IADO and ISSI after sharing knowledge on the ISSI internal meeting. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 27 May 2024

IADO on May 27 2024 was invited by the ISSI (Indonesia Cycling Federation) Management which was organizing a technical coordination meeting in preparation for conducting the ISSI Cycling National Championship in Batam in June 2024. The meeting was actually for internal ISSI Management only as usual in preparation for a national sporting event. However, because on May 22nd, 2024 IADO just publicly announced a doping case that was imposed on a cycling athlete through a press release on the IADO website, it was natural for ISSI to ask kindly for an explanation regarding that doping case. Of course, it was IADO’s obligation to attend such forums, considering that ISSI has been one of those that has been strictly compliant with anti-doping regulations.

On that occasion, IADO, which was directly attended by the Chairman of IADO accompanied by the Director of Education Mrs. Natashya Marcellina Ardiany and the Director of Intelligence and Investigation Mr. Suharyanto, openly explained the case, whose aim was to ensure that a similar incident does not happen anymore. In addition, IADO also reminded that if a similar incident occurs again, the ISSI management is strongly asked to provide special assistance so that athlete suspected of violating anti-doping regulations will be advised to be present when summoned for a hearing or appeal. Who knows, during the hearing it will be possible to reveal why something like that happened, or at least the athlete will be able to defend himself / herself.

IADO also used that forum to emphasize the scope of sanctions against athletes who are deemed to have been involved in doping. Not only is the title revoked and asked to return the bonus that had been received during the event which resulted in doping, it is also ensured that the athlete is not allowed to carry out any other activities related to cycling, including as a club coach, even for the duration of the sanction.

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