How Long Can the Substances Contained on The Prohibited List Be Removed from The Body?

Anti-doping educational activities in Manado which were attended by athletes, coaches, medical team and KONI of North Sulawesi. Source: IADO.

Manado, November 8th,2022

The following anti-doping education series activity was held in Manado on November 8th, 2022 in Manado. That activity was attended by 70 participants from 20 sport programs consisting of athletes, coaches, doctors and KONI Management of North Sulawesi Province.

During the activity, there was a question asked by the participants, namely “The athlete during the preparation for the match was sick and had to take medicine. So how long can the effect of the drug disappear from the body?” The TUE Committee responded to this question, namely dr. Sophia Hage, Sp.KO. She explained that the time the substance leaves the body will vary from person to person.

This is influenced by several things, namely the composition / content of substances in the drug and the metabolic rate of each individual’s body. Some groups of prohibited substances can indeed disappear in a short time, but there are also those that take a long time. That is why all consumption of drugs containing prohibited substances should be consulted with a sports doctor or contingent to assess the need for submitting a TUE form.

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