When Are Doping Tests Conducted on Athletes?

Participants in the final series of Anti-Doping Education activities in 2022. Source: IADO.

Makassar, 18th November 2022

South Sulawesi is the province of closing of a series of IADO anti-doping education activities with KONI this year. This province is the 15th  of the series, held on November 18th, 2022 in Makassar with 60 participants consisting of coaches and athletes from various sports. In this activity, the participants asked several interesting questions. Such as: “When are doping tests conducted on athletes?” The Director of Intelligence and Investigation of IADO who was also a speaker at that activity, Suharyanto explained that doping tests were carried out on athletes at two times, they are in-competition (ICT) and out-of-competition (OOCT).

Regarding this, many participants conveyed that they were sometimes confused, especially the coaches when there was a time difference in doping testing for their athletes. After hearing this explanation, the participants understood that there are indeed testing in-competition and out-of-competition. Consequently, those who are especially on the Registered Testing Pool have no option except to obey the regulation. Otherwise, they shall be regarded as ADRVs (Anti-Doping Rule Violations).

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