Involvement of IADO at the 4th Indonesia Open Aquatic Championship of 2022

Involvement of IADO at the 4th   Indonesia Open Aquatic Championship of 2022. Source: IADO

Jakarta, December 15th, 2022

Minister of Youth and Sports Mr. Zainudin Amali officially opened the 4th   Indonesia Open Aquatic Championship of 2022 at Aquatic Venue of GBK Sports Center, Jakarta. The event provided 99 numbers of event of swimming, organized by the Indonesian Swimming Association. DCOs of IADO assigned to that event collected samples from December 12th until December 15th.

All of doping control activities conducted by DCOs of IADO were implemented successfully without any difficulty.  Sample collection personnel themselves consisted of 2 DCOs and 3 Chaperones, accompanied by 1 staff from IADO. As usual, after samples collection, those samples were directly delivered to Bangkok as one of the WADA – accredited anti-doping laboratory.  That work was done in accordance with the International Standard for Testing and Investigation.

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