MoU between IADO and the Association of Indonesia Rugby Union

MoU between IADO and the Association of Indonesia Rugby Union. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, December 21st, 2022

The Association of Indonesia Rugby Union (PRUI) and IADO signed MoU on December 21st, 2022 in IADO Office. That MoU related on Anti-Doping Activities, in which both parties agreed to have cooperation in handling any doping control, managed by IADO. IADO highly appreciated the commitment raised by the Chairman of PRUI Mr. Didik Mukrianto (who is also Vice President of Asian Rugby Federation) underlying the essence of anti-doping activities. Rugby is a tough, physical sport and injuries are part and parcel of it. However, PRUI has a commitment to ensure that any rugby competition shall be avoided from any potency of using any prohibited substances.

That is the reason that even though rugby is relatively a new sport program in Indonesia, but is now more popular in particular prior to the 2018 Asian Games, for rugby was one of the sport programs competed. IADO delivered a message to PRUI to allow IADO to collect samples on any rugby national and or international competitions in Indonesia. Accordingly, MoU with PRUI added more National Federation to engage with IADO especially after the current National Anti-Doping Seminar.

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