Cooperation between IADO and Indonesia Swimming Federation to Increase Anti-Doping Awareness

Both chairmen of IADO and PRSI signed the MoU on anti-doping. Source: PRSI.

Jakarta, February 20th, 2023

There are lots of way between IADO and National Federation to engage their cooperation for the intention of increasing anti-doping awareness. That was one of the purposes of signing MoU between IADO and PRSI (Indonesia Swimming Federation) on February 20th, 2023 in Jakarta. By signing the MoU, PRSI has followed other National Federations and National Sports Committees such as KONI, NOC, NPC, PSSI, PASI, PERBASI, FPTI, WI, PABSI, PRUI, and PERBASASI. IADO highly appreciated PRSI which used to fully meet the regulation of anti-doping stipulated by WADA, because development dynamics on swimming tends to be very challenging. Now WADA has released regulation that for those who could be suspected to violate anti-doping regulation are not only caused of having consumed any prohibited substances, but also for those who could be regarded for instance to have done any evasion, refusal, and or failure to submit to sample collection. Such regulation is not only important for athletes, but also for athlete support personnel.

In addition, swimming is one of the priority sports based on DBON (the National Sports Grand Design) in Indonesia, requesting IADO to highlight more its anti-doping compliance. At present there are various temptations for elite athletes including those competing in swimming events to be the champion. Consequently, PRSI and other National Federations should pay attention to various new anti-doping regulations. Once an athlete feels unaware to consume un identified item because of having from somebody else, buying any supplement on online transaction without consulting to his / her doctor, or being seduced by his / her team or somebody else intending to barrier his / her achievement, any catastrophe possibly will come.

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