IADO Outreach Booth Participates in the 2023 Aquatics National Championship

IADO Outreach booth at the 2023 Aquatics National Championship. Source: IADO

Jakarta, 15 June 2023

The Indonesian Swimming Federation (PRSI) has held an Aquatic Festival / National Aquatic Championship on 2023 which is also the 2024 PON Pre-Qualification at the GBK Senayan Aquatic Stadium. On that occasion, IADO took part in filling out the outreach booth at the venue which was held on Thursday 15 June 2023.

At this booth, IADO provided simple anti-doping education through WADA’s Play True Quiz game which is available in Indonesian to make it easier for participants. Furthermore, after completing the quiz, the participants could fill out the survey and then get the prizes. Prizes provided by IADO included tote bags, hats, pens, water bottles, and memo books which are expected to be of use to the participants.

Through such outreach, IADO was committed to continuing efforts to raise awareness and information provision on anti-doping to prevent doping violations and promote clean sport, because it is not secret anymore that competition stage of athletes on various sport programs including aquatic sport program has increased significantly for getting the best ones. Such circumstances have strongly encouraged all elite athletes to enhance their better performance, which they wish to do without using prohibited substances.

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