One Week Prior to the Closing Registration of Anti-Doping Education Presenter (Education Presenter)

Announcement on PRESI Registration. Source: IADO.

Ciwidey – Bandung, 4 March 2024

As it was already announced at the IADO website on February 19th, 2024, the IADO Education Directorate has opened registration for public who are interested in becoming PRESI (Education Presenters). Registration has commenced until March 11th, 2024, and after that an administrative selection process, interviews and training activities will be carried out. Based on data from the IADO Education Directorate, as of March 4th, 2024 at 11.36 a.m. there have been 137 registrants who sent registration data and documents via email or They came from across the country. As an illustration: there are 19.9% of interested people from DKI Jakarta, 23.5% from Western Java, 15.4% from Central Java, 6.6% from Eastern Java, 12.3% from Sumatra, 2.2% from Kalimantan, 3.7% from Banten, 1.5% from Bali, 1.5% from NTB, 1.5% from NTT, 7.4% from Sulawesi, and 0.7% from Maluku. Their professional backgrounds are also very various, in which some work as university lecturers, sports coaches, doctors / medical teams to active athletes and former athletes.

PRESI professional recruitment is very new in Indonesia, because so far, the IADO Education Directorate has only been supported by 3 staff (1 Director and 2 Directorate Staffs), while they have many responsibilities and obligations, namely being responsible for carrying out anti-doping educational activities throughout Indonesia, both offline and online, and not counting the many national federations that also want to receive anti-doping education from IADO. Currently, new regulations have been issued from the OCA (Olympic Council of Asia) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee), which require athletes who will compete in the Asian Games and Olympics as well as a number of other multi-events and single events to first have an ADEL Certificate (Anti -Doping Education and Learning Platform). Without an official certificate issued by WADA (not by IADO or NADO from each country), athletes appointed to represent their respective countries are not permitted to compete since the qualifying round. The increasing number of these tasks prompted the Education Directorate to form PRESI.

When IADO held a National Anti-Doping Seminar on November 30th, 2022 in Jakarta, IADO received many complaints from some seminar participants, because they felt that anti-doping educational activities had never been held in their regions. In fact, from several hearings and appeal sessions conducted by the IADO RM (Result Management) Committee regarding the findings of positive doping results in several athletes, it was discovered that several of them admitted that they had never received complete education. On this basis and also at the encouragement of WADA, IADO then decided to form the PRESI institution, in collaboration with professors and the academic community in sports and health, Olympians, and a number of other community figures. Whoever is later selected in the PRESI selection will continue to have a profession and career according to their field of work, because a PRESI only serves periodically according to predetermined requests and schedules. As a comparison, IADO currently has 49 DCOs (Doping Control Officers) and 10 BCOs (Blood Control Officers), whose jobs are to take urine and blood samples both during ICT (In Competition Testing) and OOCT (Out of Competition Testing). In their daily lives, they still work as doctors, lecturers, local government civil servants, private office employees and so on. However, for PRESI recruitment, both DCOs and BCOs are not permitted to register, because it is related to the code of conduct in the assignment.

Ciwidey – Bandung, March 4 2024.

Chairman of IADO,
Gatot S. Dewa Broto

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