Additional DCOs to Empower the Duties of IADO

Candidates of New DCOs for IADO. Source: IADO.

Ciwidey – Bandung, 6 March 2024

IADO held successfully a Doping Control Officer (DCO) Training from March 3rd to 6th, 2024 at Ciwidey Valley Resort, Bandung, Western Java. The Chairman of IADO officially opened that activity, attended by 9 prospective DCOs participants from doctors and internal IADO administrators.

The participants were provided with material based on the 2021 Code Implementation Support Program Guidelines for Sample Collection Personnel. The IADO Overview was presented by the Chairman of IADO and the following material was presented by the Directorate of Testing led by Mrs Linda Rosalina as the Director of Testing and her team. The training material for sample collection covered preparation, introduction of doping control forms, the DCO code of ethics, the witnessing process, the notification process, the normal sample collection process, the partial sample process, the additional sample process, the sample collection process from minor athletes and athletes with disabilities, athlete non-compliance reporting, sample security storage and documentation, and transportation of urine and blood samples.

For practice sessions, simulations were carried out through face-to-face method with prospective DCOs and coaches. Once the simulation activities were completed, each person’s competence was tested through theory and practical exams by the assessment team. After all sessions were completed, certificates were awarded to the participants, followed by an official closing ceremony by the Chairman of IADO.

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