Continuation of Anti-Doping Education in Sumatera

Participants of anti-doping education in Pangkal Pinang. Source: IADO.

Pangkal Pinang, March 4th, 2023.

After completing its anti-doping educations across the country on the end of 2022, IADO continued implementing its educations by coordinating with the regional office of KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) of Bangka Belitung on March 4th, 2023 in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung. That activity was organized on the basis of the official letter of the Chairman of KONI of Bangka Belitung Mr. Ricky Kurniawan to IADO on February 25th, 2023 on Anti-Doping and Sport Nutrition Education. Such a request is very interesting, because it was the first time in which a regional KONI submitted an official request to IADO for anti-doping education. That is the reason for IADO to fully respect KONI of Bangka Belitung on its initiative, for generally the education at any regional KONI used to be organized by cooperation between IADO and Headquarter of KONI. Accordingly, sports athletes and athlete support personnel from that region did not have to wait for the following anti-doping education which used to be coordinated by IADO dan KONI.

On her presentation, dr. Eka Wulan Sari (Secretary General of IADO) expressed her appreciation to KONI of Bangka Belitung for their own initiative to invite IADO for that activity, because there are in fact few top national athletes coming from that region. That was the reason for the related-KONI to be in hurry to have a collaboration with IADO in which both IADO and KONI of Bangka Belitung already informed the headquarters of KONI for such activity prior to the education. Principally, IADO welcomes any sport institution to invite IADO for any anti-doping education provided that the purpose is to support doping-free sport and thus promote health, fairness and equality for athletes nationally and even worldwide. IADO is sure that in the next coming months, IADO will have more anti-doping educations, because common awareness of national sport stakeholders is getting better.

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