Herbal Consumed by Athletes, Is It Okay?

Anti-doping education in Banten. Source: IADO.

Cilegon, 22 August, 2023

Banten and Aceh became the opening activities of IADO’s anti-doping education with KONI in 2023. Banten Province hosted the series of activities held on August 22nd, 2023 at The Royale Krakatau Cilegon with 45 participants consisting of coaches and athletes from several sports in the province. In that activity there were interesting questions which are often asked by Athletes and Coaches: “can herbs really not be consumed for athletes? Because we as coaches avoid the use of drugs where there will be prohibited content”. The Head of the IADO Planning Bureau who was the resource person, Mr. Panji explained that the consumption of herbal medicine is allowed with a note that the herbal medicine does come from 100% natural ingredients and is not mixed by chemicals.

That question was an interesting question because the culture in Indonesia is very fond of drinking herbal medicine or herbal ingredients as a way of traditional medicine, and especially for athletes as a way of recovering from injuries and post-training or matches. 

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