Appeal Panel for Handling Doping Cases

The signing ceremony of the agreement between IADO and BAKI was held at IADO Office. Source: IADO.

Jakarta, 12 December 2023

To ensure that the result of the doping cases handling on the stage of RM (Result Management) could be processed more properly according to the World Anti-Doping Code, IADO is reforming its RM by inviting BAKI (Indonesian Sports Arbitration Body) to have a cooperation through signing the Agreement conducted on December 12th, 2023 at the IADO Office. The agreement was signed by the Chairman of IADO and the Chairman of BAKI Mr. Dr. M. Idwan Ganie, SH, FSIArb and his Vice Chairman Mr. Dr. Anangga W. Roosdiono, SH, LLM. The purpose of the agreement enables BAKI to establish the independent Result Management Appeal Panel Committee, which has been appointed by IADO. The ceremony of the document signing was not only attended by High-Ranking Officials of IADO and BAKI, but it was also attended by the Secretary General and a member of Executive Committee of NOC of Indonesia.

According to the Code, each Anti-Doping Organization conducting Results Management shall establish a process for the pre-hearing administration of potential anti-doping rule violations that respects the principles set forth in this Article. While each Anti-Doping Organization is permitted to adopt and implement its own Results Management process, Results Management for every Anti-Doping Organization shall at a minimum meet the requirements set forth in the International Standard for Results Management. RM Committee which is attached to IADO has performed properly since the era of LADI or now with IADO, dominated by settlement on various doping cases. The committee is however mandatory to work independently without any interference raised by IADO to conduct its process and make its decision.

In order to comply with the Code and its own Bylaws, IADO shall assign a sports arbitration entity to establish the RM appeal panel committee. Accordingly, the appeal panel committee which held a conference process at the appeal level should be totally handled by BAKI. The appeal process that has occurred is so far handled by different people on the RM Committee, which did not actually violate the Code. However, such a process should be changed by assigning another party. Fortunately, BAKI is an Indonesian Sports Arbitration Body, which used to handle any sport arbitration in cooperation with the NOC of Indonesia, which constitutes one of the Code signatories which is the same as other NOCs over the worlds and other entities. On that occasion, Mr Idwan Ganie expressed his appreciation to IADO and showed his commitment to perform properly. On the contrary, IADO through its Chairman also showed his gratitude to BAKI to support appeal judicial processes in handling doping cases in Indonesia.

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